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What does ATOM do?

ATOM ® is a technological innovation solution provider which has a patented innovation system, to provide extraordinary protection against fuel tank explosion or fast growing fires in fuel tanks, flammable liquid storage tanks, portable containers, and flammable liquid cargo tanks.

What is the value ATOM can bring to my business?

ATOM ® is a system that enables safe, explosion-resistant fuel storage, transport, and dispensing capabilities that mitigates the explosion risks otherwise faced by your business, employees, and assets.

Is ATOM a service or a product?

ATOM ®is a solution that includes seven stages of engagement with a client. As part of this solution, Atom has products like Jerrycan, Cubes, LPG tanks, Fuel Skids, Mobile fuel stations, Containerised Fuel stations, Solar fuel stations, etc. All these products are explosion-resistant fuel storage, transport, and dispensing solutions.

How does ATOM work?

ATOM® products are designed with an in-built passive explosion prevention module in the storage units that splits the single fuel vapor column into small volumes which disables rapid combustion and thereby prevents detonation/ explosion. No physical or chemical action or reaction is required for the prevention of the explosion. The module achieves explosion preventive function by its presence in the container.

Is ATOM ’s technological innovation tested?

Yes we are tested by SWRI for compliance under NFPA Code 69 – Standard on Explosion Prevention System. Please refer to technology page for details.

Is ATOM only for the Oil & Gas sector?

Atom is for use in any sector that requires fuel storage. Atom solutions are available for factories, data centers, construction, transportation units, etc. Please visit the Industries page to know more

Does ATOM have storage solutions for emergency/backup/stand-by fuel?

Yes, we have sector-specialized solutions for industrial backup fuel. Please visit Industries page to know more.

Is ATOM tested and certified?

ATOM® is tested and certified by established and reputed international agencies. Please visit technology page to know more.

Does ATOM meet global code standards?

NFPA Code 69 is the explosion safety code by the National Fire Protection Agency. ATOM® is compliant to the NFPA 69, ASTM, IMDG, ICAO and UNECE International standards. ATOM® manufacturing plants are ISO certified 9001, 14001, 18001. Please visit technology page to know more.

Do ATOM products affect the fuel?

No, ATOM® does not affect or contaminate the fuel. The specification of the fuel remains unaltered.

Will the presence of ATOM reduce the fuel storage capacity of the containers?
The volume displacement caused by ATOM® is less than 3%.*
*depending on the density of the fuel and shape of the container.
Does ATOM affect slosh factor during transportation?

Yes ATOM® reduces slosh factor considerably during transportation of fuels.

What fuels does ATOM work with?

All Hydrocarbon fuels including Gasoline / Petrol, Diesel, Gas Oil, Naphtha, Kerosene, Jet fuel, Aviation Gasoline, ATF, Ethanol, Methane, Lubricants, Liquified Propane Gas, Liquified Butane Gas, LPG, and Biofuels.

How do you clean ATOM products?

ATOM® products are cleaned by chemical wash and/or ultrasonic cleaning processes which are services provided by the company

Does ATOM come with a high maintenance cost?

As long as the structural integrity of the container is intact the products are zero- maintenance. Periodical checks and cleaning helps maintain them in good condition through their assured life. In the event of any damage the product can be melted and recycled.

Do you provide products with locks, geo-tagging and tracking possibilities?

Yes, we provide customers with Bluetooth geo- tagged locks as an additional feature.

I am setting up a new unit. At what stage should I approach ATOM?

You can approach ATOM® at any stage as we have solutions that can be integrated into existing systems as well as those which can help you set up a safer improved workflow from the start.

I have not had an explosion incident yet. Why should I use this now?

If you have been fortunate to not have had an adverse incident until now, it does not become a guarantee against any such incidents in the future. Research confirms that the largest losses incurred by companies across 200 countries* are through fire and explosion. 59%* of business interruptions worldwide are also caused by fire and explosion. It would be wise to take steps to secure one’s business from losses in the future due to such expanding risks.
*AGCS Claims Review 2013-18

Do ATOM products promote sustainability?

Yes. With ATOM® the hazards of fuel tank explosion that damage the environment can be avoided. The presence of ATOM® reduces fuel evaporation loss, thereby reducing emission / air pollution. Further ATOM® enables many of the UNSDG goals for businesses by protecting their assets, workplace, staff and the environment from explosion.