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a revolutionary idea - AEPS A Patented Precision Engineered
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The idea of Atom was born from a profound quest to invent and manufacture solutions that prevent the colossal damage caused by explosions while transporting, storing, and handling highly inflammable liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. And this very pursuit inspired a team of professionals from the oil and gas industry to collaborate and collectively develop products effective enough to change practices and save lives. A decade long research and development process, engineering and practical user experiences from several security applications in defense and strategic environments paved the way toward a revolutionary idea – Atom Explosion Prevention System (AEPS). Encouraged by the success garnered by AEPS in defense and security applications, Atom’s R&D team successfully adapted this explosion prevention technology to a new range of products encompassing segments that include various civilian, industrial and commercial products.

    ATOM ALLOYS is a member of NPGA (USA).

    NPGA is a national trade association that represents the enterprising propane industry in the United States of America and today has members in 19 countries. The core role of the NPGA is to provide its members within the propane gas industry with support through advocacy, standards development, safety and training programs, certifications, networking opportunities, resources and legislative council.

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    Atom products are tested by SwRI, Texas (USA). SwRI is one of the most reputed and trusted institutions in the United States. Established in 1947, the historic organization is home to around two million square feet of labs spread across 1200 acres of land. SwRI is an independent, nonprofit, research and development organization dedicated to solving technology and innovation related problems that benefit governments, industries and people in general.

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