At Atom, our vision is to “protect everything precious”. Inspired by this vision, Atom brings an innovative and patented explosion prevention system that is hailed as the ultimate defense against fuel and gas tank explosions.

Explosions can cause irreparable short term and long term damage to People, Planet and in many cases to the very existence of the business (profits).

Particularly for the Oil & Gas, Power generation industry, pollution, safety and community impacts are important ESG-related factors. The Morningstar sustainability ratings have categorized incidents that impact environment and society such as explosions, fire, oil spills as controversial ESG risks. Atom’s solutions help companies in the Oil & Gas sector to efficiently and effectively manage the risk of explosion, thereby improving their portfolio score.

At Atom, we look at the positive sustainability impact of our solutions using the 3 lenses of People, Planet and Prosperity. Atom solutions are designed to prevent explosions, thereby avoiding the catastrophe from occurring.